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Trivia-Adam Rodriguez

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Trivia-Adam Rodriguez
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Trivia-Khandi Alexander
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Trivia-Rex Linn
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He has recently bought a house in Puerto Rico and wishes to one day visit Cuba.


He is 3/4 Puerto Rican and 1/4 Cuban.


Before he was an actor, Adam was a stock broker.


He made cameo appearances in 50 Cent's single "Many Men".

Adam has complimented himself by stating that he makes good French toast.


Adam dreamed of being a professional baseball player. But he suffered a knee injury in high school which took him from his dream.


Adam also has a great love for music. He plays the guitar between takes in CSI: Miami and sings along with the cast and crew members.


He once appeared in a Coca-Cola commercial.


When Adam was 10-years-old, he auditioned for a part in The Cosby Show.


It is known that he has a great sense of humor.


Attended high school with NFL Player, Keith Bulluck of the Tennessee Titans.

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