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Daughter, Greta, born the 1st June 1984, with Rachel Ticotin. Currently attends Yale University.


Graduated from Archbishop Molloy High School in Briarwood, Queens, New York


Is co-owner of Steam, an upscale clothing and home furnishings store in South Miami, Florida.


His father is Italian, his mother is Irish.


He was cast as "Archie Andrews" in a 1976 pilot based on the "Archie" comic strip, but did not work out. He was replaced before shooting began by Dennis Bowen.


Has had more success as a TV actor than a movie actor. He was a popular cast member of "NYPD Blue" (1993), then quit that show to become a movie actor. After a series of unsuccessful movies, he joined the cast of "CSI: Miami" (2002), which shot him back into stardom.


Son Marquez Anthony born on 15 September 2005 (mother is girlfriend Liza Marquez)


His girlfriend Liza Marquez is expecting the couple's second child, due 2007.


David and his girlfriend, Liza Marquez, are expecting their second child together [March 28, 2007].

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